Terminal and Console Class Library for .NET

This open source library provides extended support for creating terminal (console) applications.  A key feature is the ability to define embedded control codes and macros, and to allow video operations with different types of remote terminals.  A long-term goal is to implement virtual screen buffers and an API for pluggable terminal emulators (e.g. VT100, Wyse, etc).  All source code is released under the LGPL.



This screenshot shows the terminal library running against the local system console.  The screen was created by an old ANSI editor (TheDraw) and stored as an ANSI file for execution by the library.

The next screenshot shows the terminal library running against a Telnet connection.  This screen is from the sample BBS included with the Thought BBS engine.


Download version 0.11, Released October 16, 2009.
There are no API changes between this version and first release.  The solution files have been upgraded to Visual Studio 2008 format.  A few minor inline comments were updated.  You may continue to use version 0.10 if you remain on Visual Studio 2005.

Older versions:

Version 0.1, Released September 1, 2007

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